Mark Wooller March 17

Tuesday in the studio, making progress now with the piece ‘Nets and Inlets’ although that title might change yet !,I have spent the last three days working on the nets, and I am stiff and sore, but I do enjoy painting them, seeing there form emerging and seeing the composition coming together as I imagined. I just now have to put some shadow on them to give a little more depth and a touch of realism, I am always amazed how such a small touch of shadow can bring the object alive. I will have to leave this canvas now to dry before i can do anymore, but tomorrow I have a smaller canvas with much the same imagery although the background is looser and textured, so I can make a start on it, also have three smaller pieces that I have layered a deep green background up on that i want to find the wording to apply. thinking words with nets overlaid , the words not in the nets but floating  beyond . so the words are very much the’ piece’, and I am very much stuck on this, what words –   a single word – a phrase – a verse (no)- a quote from Elson Best – a maori word ( maybe -maybe not ?)  . I am going to have to turn up the music ,make some coffee and sit with it and see what comes

tuesday evening 17th March

tuesday evening 17th March


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